(BREAKING) Bernie campaign caught distributing LSD to youth

(BREAKING) Bernie campaign caught distributing LSD to youth

4 members of Bernie Sanders’ campaign payroll have been caught distributing LSD to youth at their latest rally stop in Idaho.

Police have not yet named the suspects, but have released the following details:

  • 4 members on the campaign payroll have been charged, one of the members is underage.
  • Nearly 4000 “hits” of LSD have been confiscated, showing an image of Bernie’s campaign logo.
  • Local parents have rallied against Bernie saying he should be charged for organizing the drug give-away.
  • The samples tested positive for LSD, 2c-i, 25-i, and DOC. All illegal psychedelic substances.

We all know about LSD, but the other chemicals found on the ‘hits’ are less known to the public.

2c-i, 25-i, and DOC are often referred to as “research chemicals”. They are mostly manufactured in China and shipped overseas. They mimic the effects of LSD, but are much more deadly. Only a small amount of these compounds can send someone into an overdose, resulting in psychosis and seizures, similar to the effects of bath-salts.

2c-i has been studied by many governments around the world as “Mind Control” substances. Most of the records on file of their testing for “Mind Control” use are incomplete, or classified.

Since this story is breaking, please check back to this same URL for updates as information is released.