Want to Start Your Own Website? First, You’ll Need a Solid Web Host

Behind every great website is a web hosting company that keeps it up and running. says Zac from SEO Advantage. How optimally your site runs, Adam from general about says may depend entirely on the web hosting company you select. Before you decide which company to use, it’s important to research your options and find one that best suits your needs.

There are numerous websites that compare the best web hosts, to give you the information you need to make a proper, informed decision. We’ve compiled a list of the top sites that make that comparison as seamless, yet thorough as possible.

Also, keep an eye out for ongoing promotions, you might be able to shave off a few dollars if you can find a good coupon.


You can find information about nearly anything tech-related on the PCMag website. PCMag provides real customer reviews, as well as their own reviews of various gadgets, software, and programs. As they explain on their website, PCMag conducts product reviews independently, but they could “earn affiliate commissions from buying links” on their site. Still, we like to think PCMag provides mostly unbiased reviews.

PCMag gives out “Editor’s Choice” honors to certain products, but you will find that they gave seven out of the ten listed web hosting companies this recognition.

Their reviews are thorough if you have the time to read through them. If not, skim over their “Bottom Line” for each web hosting company for a quick summary of their review.

Tech Radar

Compared to PCMag, Tech Radar provides a more in-depth look at numerous web hosting companies, on one page. Their complex review begins with tips for web hosting, to help users better understand the service, what to consider when shopping for a web host, and what to note when reading reviews.

Tech Radar then goes on to name their favorite web hosting provider, as well as a close second. As you scroll through their list of top web hosting companies, you will notice a score out of 5. The closer to five the score is, the more positive the review. Unlike PCMag, Tech Radar gives their “Editor’s Choice” honor to just one web host, their top choice.

Tech Radar is a great source for users looking for more perspective. They highlight prices and give a nod to features they think the hosting company got right.

To continue your comparative research, Tech Radar is a great source.

Website Builder Expert

Like Alabanza, Website Builder Expert provides a chart that makes it easy to compare the top web hosts and the features they offer. But that’s where the similarities end.

For amateur users who don’t know much about web hosting and website creation, Website Builder Expert is much more your style. They break down the types of hosting, to help you decide which is right for you. They also explain the features offered by web hosting companies and how those features benefit you as a website builder.

This is all useful information but could be a bit redundant for users with more website experience. Still, they provide honest, helpful reviews of web hosting companies that are worth reading before making a final purchase decision.

Consumer Affairs

If you want to hear from real people about their personal experiences with various web hosts, Consumer Affairs is a great option. Consumer Affairs gathers verified reviews to make it easier for the average consumer to make the right purchases. Consumer Affairs’ research team compiles lists to give you several options to look over.

Consumer Affairs researched numerous web hosting companies and put them together in a single list, complete with reviews, to make it simple for you to compare them. For each web hosting company, you will find a 5-star review system and a short description.

If you are comfortable making a buying decision based on the experiences of others, Consumer Affairs’ site for comparing web hosts just may be the best option for you.